How to keep your WordPress site backed-up

Making back-ups of your WordPress website is one of the keys to being an awesome WordPress website owner.

Sometimes things go wrong.

Updates go bad.
Servers catch fire.
Zombie attacks.

Zombies aside, you need to always have a clean and healthy back-up of your site stored somewhere other than your host incase anything goes wrong and you need to restore your site.

How do you back-up your site, you ask?

Easy!  Thanks to several WordPress plugins, there are simple ways to schedule regular backups of your site.

Here are some of my suggested solutions:

  1. Use a host that backs-up for you!  I love WP Engine WordPress hosting as they take backup of your site and database every 24 hours.  You can also create a backup point at any time, which is really convenient for making check points before updates and also before playing with and design changes or new plugin installs.
  2. Use a plugin like BackupBuddy. If I built your site, it has BackupBuddy installed.  It’s a great product and does a fine job.  It has lots of options to send your backup file to remove storage, which I suggest.  I send all my backups to Amazon cloud storage.  It’s secure, inexpensive, and easy.  Here’s a great article on how to backup WordPress with BackupBuddy. BackupBuddy for a single site is $80 per year (though they usually have coupons.)
  3.’s Automattic has a service called Vaultpress.  Its a very easy plug and play (paid) service that schedules and stores backups for you. Plans start at $99/year.

A Walk Through on BackupBuddy and Updates