How to be an AWESOME WordPress website owner

Having a WordPress website is awesome. But the responsibility of it doesn’t stop when you launch your site.

WordPress websites need regular maintenance to stay secure and healthy. Just like you perform routine maintenance on your car to keep it running smoothly. We all know that the cost of NOT regularly maintaining your vehicle can often seriously outweigh the occasional maintenance fees. Not to mention the extreme inconvenience of having your car break down! Same goes for your website. Perform some routine maintenance can keep your site running smoothly for a long time and the consequence for not maintaining your site is often having your site go down for a period of time.

Here are my tips for being an awesome WordPress website owner. I’m going to give away my special secrets here. If you prefer to be an awesome website owner by outsourcing the responsibility, that’s something I can handle for you. I offer WordPress Maintenance packages for most WordPress sites.

1. Keep it secure
2. Keep it backed up
3. Keep it updated
4. Keep it optimized
5. Keep your content fresh
6. Keep an eye on it

Important Stuff Checklist: