The Best WordPress Website Hosting

In the web development business I work with a lot of hosts. Unfortunately not all hosts are created equal. I have rescued many clients from slow, insecure, bad hosts, over-priced plans, and poor and unresponsive customer service. These are my top two favorite hosts for the best WordPress website hosting. I use both platforms personally and have dozens of clients on both. These are affiliate links, I get credit if you sign up from my links. Thanks in advance!


My favorite hosting company for speed, convenience and for "whiteglove" service is WPEngine. A must have for bigger sites, business sites, traffic heavy sites, e-commerce sites or anyone really into performance and security is WPEngine. You truly get what you pay for.

  • They offer free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates.
  • They have a built in CDN.
  • They have one click staging and development environments.
  • The have one click and automated backups and restore.
  • They have 24/7 online support with WordPress experts in Austin, TX.
  • They have free automated migration.
  • They do NOT host email.
  • They do NOT register domains.

Optimized page load times, reliability and security. Fast, Secure and Scalable.

Come see what makes WP Engine different.


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Siteground has WordPress hosting starting at $3.95 per month.

  • They offer free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates.
  • They will host your email.
  • They will register your domain.
  • Their bigger packages have backups and staging sites.
  • They have a free migration tool.
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