Genesis Child Themes

These are Genesis Child Themes for WordPress that I own. I find it best to browse on the theme developer's websites to take full advantage of their site demos and feature listings. I have a small overview gallery below for reference. Browse around and find a theme (or a few) that resonates with you and your style.  Theme demos often show all the bells and whistles that the theme offers, but know that these don't have to be activated if what you are looking for is more simple.  And on the converse, if there are missing features you need, we can always add them.

Tips for picking a WordPress child theme:

  1. If you love it as is, it's super fast and easy to set up with your content and images.
  2. If you mostly love it but need to accommodate your brand and style, it's no issue to change logo/header, fonts, and colors.  It's also possible to add features that the demo might not show (like a portfolio or gallery.)
  3. If what you are looking for is much more specific and custom, it's nice to compile of list of theme elements you like and note what it is that attracts you ex:  ("I like the large hero image on the landing page, the use of fonts/color/accents,  the way the portfolio filters, the contact form in the footer, the way the navigation moves when I scroll")
Click through and view the demos

Genesis Child Themes

You should click through to the developer sites and view the theme demos on desktop and mobile.

These are affiliate links but I already own these themes so if I am building your website you do not need to purchase, I have developer license to install on client sites.

Need something more custom?

Custom Built or Hybrid Sites

When you want something more custom tailored I can manually build a site or page layout to your specifications.

I use these 2 page builders that make it fast to get exactly the layout you need.  Browse some examples here and see the mix and match capability of building:

Beaver Builder:


And finally, I use Astra when I want to fully fine-tune and not start with a pre-designed theme.