Who You Are

Who You Are

Does this sound familiar? Pick the description that sounds like you and if you find yourself in the description, let’s talk.

  • You have a brand new business or idea with little to no existing marketing budget.
  • You need a starting place to establish your web presence and start to generate interest in your service/product/specialty.
  • You may or may not already have a logo or other collateral.
  • You may or may not have already purchased your URL (domain name), maybe you need help doing that.
  • You know you need help setting up branded email accounts and website hosting.
  • You are not sure what kinds of features and content a website for your specific target market needs.
  • You know your website needs a theme, but you have no idea how to choose the right one.
  • All the rest of it: Maintenance, training, analytics, search optimization — you know it’s all important and you want someone compassionate and smart to help you!
  • You have an established business and need a new or updated website.  
  • You have a strong idea of what you need and how you want it to look.  
  • You might have existing marketing material that are used to influence the look and feel of the website.  
  • You already have an idea of how your clients find you and where you need improvement. 
  • You can tell me what has worked and what hasn't so we can make smart decisions to attract new clients for your specific needs.
  • You have an existing website or blog that needs to be migrated or integrated with your website.
  • You have some social media and an email marketing list but need it integrated with your website.

You already have, plan to use, or are a graphic designer with a custom website design and need me to translate the design to the web and bring it to life.  I build the website according to design specs and I build in all the features needed for the specific type of website you need.


How are you and your website getting along?

What website?

Ahhh, you don’t have a site at all yet. In many ways, that’s ideal.

That’s cool!

We can design and develop a beautiful, hardworking website site for you. And it’ll be well-optimized and high-functioning from the ground up.

It’s complicated.

You’ve bought a WordPress theme and started creating your site. You’ve spent hours and hours on it, but it’s not really your skill set.

No problem.

I live and breathe WordPress because I work with it every day. I’m wired into the community, so I know what’s going on.  I solve problems and have design and development tricks and tips, things you may not even know you need.  

It’s broken.

OMG, youve been hacked. Or your shopping cart has stopped working. You've tried everything, but you need help, right now, someone dependable who will work with you from now on.

Take 10 deep breaths.

Hacking is real, I’m sorry to say. So I’m on solid ground with all the fixes. And I can offer WordPress maintenance packages to keep your site healthy and safe in the future.

Don’t leave me alone with it!

 I love my site now, but how am I ever going to make updates and add posts. Technology is not my strong suit.

You’re on solid ground.

WordPress is an awesome platform, and quite easy to update. I can train you and then offer you videos that walk and talk you through it. I’ll be available, too, if you have questions.

We don’t relate anymore.

You have a website but it no longer reflects your brand or doesn't work on current devices.

Let’s bring you up to date!

We can refresh your site so it is all device compatible and looks like a modern business.

My designer’s gone MIA.

The worst. You’ve got a site you love, and you want to make changes. But your designer has disappeared on you.

I’ve seen it all.

And I’m always surprised by this one. It just happens. Solo designers get busy; they get sick; they fall in love.  Just so you know, I’ll be here, working with you for the long haul.

Hi, I’m Carleigh.

I hear you and your website have issues. Well, you can relax now.  Because I will make your site work better, faster, and smarter.  You don’t have a site yet? Even better.